-How to Make a Quilt - Learn from Martha's 7 Easy step Quilting Instructions!

Published: 18th February 2011
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Here's my 7 Step System

1. Pick and prepare your fabrics

2. Cut your pieces to put on your design wall

3. Sew pieces of quilt top together

4. Prepare batting and backing

5. Layer and baste or attach to quilting frame

6. Hand quilt, machine quilt, or tie layers together

7. Attach binding

I want to quickly run through these steps..

Step 1 - Pick and Prepare Your Fabrics

OK, you can get some quick help with Fabrics from Wal-mart, Joannes, Hancocks, and your local fabric shop by just picking up their prepackaged, pre-matched fabrics.

Or, if you an economy shopper you can find deals at craigslist, garage sales, estate sales, etc.

Step 2 - Cut Your Pieces to Put on Your Design Wall

You can use your floor or put together a tack a large fabric that will hold other fabrics onto a large open wall space.

Step 3 - Sew pieces of quilt top together

You can hand quilt, or machine quilt the pieces together.

Step 4 - Prepare batting and backing

These need to be prepared by piecing and then sandwiching all the layers together. I go over this step will in my video series. I like to save all my pieces of batting and not waste these either, so I'll even piece batting together too!

Step 5 - Layer and baste or attach to quilting frame

I use a wood frame for my daily quilting, because it is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable for me. My sister uses mainly large hoops for daily quilting and she is comfortable with them. It's up to you.

Step 6 - Hand quilt, machine quilt, or Tie layers together

I am a traditionalist where I like to hand quilt my quilts together. You can make many, intricate designs with a long arm machine, but most quilters will prefer to get their first quilt hand quilted.

Step 7 - Attach binding

This can cause a lot of confusion for beginners as there are some different methods and options. I mainly machine stitch the binding on the back first then finish the binding with a hand stitch on the front of the quilt.

The corners can be tricky, but even a little trial and error and you might figure it out yourself. If you want I clearly show this step in my quilting tutorial videos.


Hello my name is Martha. I have a passion for making quilts and would like to share it will you! I grew up in a German Mennonite culture, and quilting was a way of life...all the women quilted!

I've being sewing and quilting for almost 30 years. In my quilting business, Custom Care Quilts, started in 2001, I've made and finished quilts for customers throughout the US.

Join me!

Create 3 Cute & Easy Quilts step by step (over 80 tutorials)! with Martha's Video Quilting Instructions A "watch and follow along" Stitch by Stitch Beginners Quilt Making course - Visit and join with me at: Learn How To Make a Quilt.com!

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